Being Cusped much ??

via Daily Prompt: Cusp


I’m a positive person and I try to live life to the best. I’m sensitive , careful, I don’t want to fall or fail , I’m scared at times but I think I’m happy cause I have that hope that it’s all going to be okay .I take life as it comes and I really do count my blessings , but I think I’m too real to be true cause no one wants to listen to the true story. Speak your heart out is a lie . Actually don’t speak your heart out is kinder. Cause the truth always hurts.

I’m that kind. The one who’s stuck between telling the truth to the wrong person and losing them and telling lies to keep the others safe , is that why its a white lie??

I feel like a cusp , between thin borders , crossing the lines every time . I want to stay in one place , I want my heart on one side , but I guess it’s harder when you’re especially a Gemini .

I either tell the truth and be happy or lie and not feel a shed of guilt ,  either way I want to take a side . I’m done being the cusp .

If I tell the truth ,is it going to hurt someone ? Yes , of course it does . Will I feel better letting it out ? Yes , Yes , Yes

Will I feel guilty for hurting them? Maybe a little or maybe not at all.

Am I scared to lose them ??

….. Yea

Which brings me back to just sticking to the lie and avoid the subject .

Is this lie saving anyone ? Yes , a lot of people counting on me .

Do I feel guilty ? Why do you think I’m putting this up ?

Will they know the truth and be mad at me later ?

Well, I’m the only source of this truth /lie

Is this being cusped ?

You tell me !


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