Healing power of Mandala

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(All  of these drawn by me )



The last one is my favorite .

Mandala’s are sacred pieces of artwork which are used to evoke healing, spiritual development and meditation.The word Mandala means ‘sacred circle’.

These geometric patterns  reflect and represent the geometry of the entire Universe. They usually have a focal point in the center which is known as the seed and is the starting point to the creation of the Mandala and all of life.

There are many healing powers of mandala art one of them being simply , to color a mandala art . Allow your intuition to guide you.Clear  your mind and honor your intention .

Begin coloring your Mandala, using whatever medium you desire such as paints, crayons, water colors etc. Focus on your intention and remain open to the healing you may receive.

Again, there is no right or wrong with this so allow your intuition to guide you to choosing the right colors and textures.

How have Mandala’s helped you to heal?



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